Gants Headland

Grants Headland Reserve


Paragliding and Hang Gliding launch Site


Pilot Briefing: A site briefing must be obtained by any visiting pilot before flying this site. All pilots must have current HGFA membership. For pilot briefings contact us through our website. 


Pilot Rating: Paraglider: PG-3 Hang Glider: Supervised Novice. You are the pilot in command. These guidelines are here to assist and remind you of factors you should already be able to assess for yourself. If you are unsure DO NOT FLY.


Landing: Landings can be made on the beach beaches to the North and South of launch. Top landings can be made at this site.


Cautions: Flyable in E to SE winds only.


Public Safety: Visitors entering the launching area will be respectfully ask the vacate the launching area when operations are taking place for there own safety.